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RackAFX7 is significantly different from RackAFX6 and previous versions so make sure you are watching the latest videos – subscribe to my YouTube channel and never miss a new video.

RackAFX7 Tutorial Videos

Introduction to RackAFX7
Configuring RackAFX7
RackAFX Plugin Tutorial Part 1
RackAFX Plugin Tutorial Part 2
RackAFX Plugin Tutorial Part 3
RackAFX Plugin Tutorial Part 4
RackAFX Plugin Tutorial Part 5

Intro to RackAFX7

An overview of the latest features and enhancements in RackAFX7.

Configuring RackAFX7

Setting up RackAFX for the first time. See the next video for setting up the VSTGUI4 library.

Plugin Design Tutorial Part 1

Add the VSTGUI4 library then begin your first RackAFX7 project; includes knob control tapering notes.

Plugin Design Tutorial Part 2

How to add a 2-state on/off switch control as well as stereo VU Meters for monitoring the audio signal.

Plugin Design Tutorial Part 3

In this video, we explore multi-pole switch controls implemented with drop-list combo objects. You will learn how to decode the control’s value in a way that is easy to read and code.

Plugin Design Tutorial Part 4

This video will show you a technique for issuing GUI control updates from within the plugin core itself. Although not difficult to code, this is a highly advanced feature and to ensure your own thread safety, make sure you abide by the warnings in the video.

Plugin Design Tutorial Part 5

In this final video, we will assemble the custom GUI for the user. With RackAFX7 and an ASPiK core, you actually have access to two different GUI designers! This video shows you both but focuses on the RackAFX7 GUI Designer. Check out the ASPiK plugin tutorial videos for information on using the ASPiK GUI Designer.