The AudioFXLab files consist of a set of C++ objects for audio FX development. These include:

FX Functions: a set of simple functions that are used in the higher level object. These include modulation, interpolation, frequency sampling, window generation and more. Documentation

Audio Effects: from simple objects to handle complex numbers to flangers, choruses, reverbs, dynamics processors and the rest of the objects from my 2nd edition FX book. Documentation

FFT Objects: these are based on the MIT FFTW library, but can be easily modified for other FDFT libraries. Documentation

WDF Objects: The WDF library is a huge set of Wave Digital Filter objects are available for implementing virtual analog filters with WDF technology. See the Documentation

VSTGUI4 Custom Controls: I have also included custom controls for VSTGUI4 including a simple WaveView object for showing audio histograms and FFT results. Documentation

There is some more information on how to use these files (if you don’t have my book) here.

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Installation: UnZip the folder to exposed the three files in the set. You can then add them to your projects as you like. The FFTW objects depend on the FFTW library, all others are standalone.


filters.h: a set of pre-made anti-alising filters for sample rate conversion; these are required for the fast convolution and sample rate conversion objects.

fxobjects.h: the interface file for the FX objects; simple functions of only a few lines of code are implemented in this file as well

fxobjects.cpp: the implementation file for the FX objects; this contains all of the longer, more complex FX object methods