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MMI504 Final Project: Sample & Hold oscillator and Combinatorial Music Arpeggiator

Lucas Pylypczak and Madhur Murli


In this very cool and inspired video, Lucas Pylypczak demonstrates and explains his (and Madhur Murli’s) Final Project for my Synth Plugin class, MMI504 using RackAFX. In the first part, he describes their implementation of the sample and hold module in the Korg ARP Odyssei plugin applied to the MiniSynth book project.

For the second part, I had given the students a lecture based on one of my favorite AES papers of all time called “Combinatorial Music Theory” by Andrew Duncan, and gave them the paper to use for inspiration (yes, we all have legit AES paper access). Here, Lucas shows how he and Madhur implemented some of the transformation operations described in the paper with RackAFX and the MiniSynth project from the Synth book, with intriguing and interesting results for creating hip lines, chord changes, and “moods” using these music theory transforms. The monophonic arpeggiator is integrated into the MiniSynth project with the new RackAFX v6.8. He also shows how they used the XY-Pad in RackAFX as a KaossPad for performance.



Mike Gazzaruso


In this video, Mike Gazzaruso shreds it up with a killer guitar amp/FX plugin called InstaGTR, designed entirely in RackAFX.


Odin Polyphonic Synthesizer

Frederik Siepe


In this video, Frederik Siepe demonstrates the VST plugin he developed with RackAFX. Not only does it have a fantastic sound quality and feature set, it also has a very cool GUI, designed with the RackAFX GUI Designer and employing parts of the Advanced GUI API for several of the GUI elements such as the drop-down lists. This is a great example of developing a professional instrument with RackAFX. Great job Frederik!