Legacy Documents

Legacy Documents for RackAFX6

Here you can find addendums and other technical notes for the now unsupported RackAFX6 (aka Legacy RackAFX)


Addendum 1: Designing Side-chaining PlugIns with RackAFX
Sample Project: VolumeWithSidechain

Technical Notes

Technical Note 1: Audio-GUI Thread Processing in RackAFX v6.8+

Technical Note 2: Sending GUI Updates in RackAFX v6.8+
Sample Project: Linking two knob controls with checkUpdateGUI( )

Technical Note 3: Automatic Parameter Smoothing in RackAFX v6.8+

Technical Note 4: Getting DAW Host Information in RackAFX v6.8+

Technical Note 5: Implementing a MIDI Learn GUI
Sample Project: MIDI Learn Project

Technical Note 6: Customizing the CSegmentButton Control
Sample Project: Custom Segment Button Project

Technical Note 7: Updating pre v6.8 RackAFX Projects

Technical Note 8A: Introduction to CMake

Technical Note 8B: Exporting Projects

Technical Note 8C: Using CMake