RackAFX lets you design Plug-Ins quickly and easily by running in tandem with Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015. RackAFX is:

  • A powerful tool for understanding Plug-In APIs, rapidly prototyping audio effect algorithms, and designing beautiful GUIs
  • The Plug-Ins you design are compatible with both RackAFX and any Windows VST2 or VST3 Client software.
  • RackAFX lets you design Plug-Ins as Insert or Aux Effect types then use the analyzer to check your Frequency, Phase, Impulse and Step responses as well as view the inputs and outputs in time or frequency.
  • You can also design side-chained FX plugins as well.
  • A built-in GUI designer lets you Drag-and-Drop GUI elements to create original interfaces. The GUI Designer API is extended to include many custom view options if you choose to add more complex designs. If you want to write and provide your own GUI, there are options for that as well.
  • Full MIDI support is included.
  • Export your core code into AU (XCode) or VST2 and VST3 (Visual Studio/XCode) Projects for Windows and MacOS
  • The GUIs you design are platform independent and appear identically across platforms
  • You can find out more about the Philosophy and History of RackAFX and why I bothered to create a new Plug-In API on the Philosophy Page.

Making a basic GUI with the new v6.5 GUI Designer