Designing Audio Effects Plugins in C++ 2nd Ed.

  • Chapter 13 Modulators: LFOs and Envelope Detectors

Bock Diagram:


  • Stereo phaser using Virtual Analog delay-free structures but based on a biquad rather than the trapezoidal integrator
  • Quad-phase LFOs for double-wide stereo sound


  • you can enable the quad-phase LFO by modifying the PluginCore::updateParameters( ) method – see the commented-out code there
  • you may want to set the min and max intensity (feedback in percent) values to [+70, +99] as this is the sweet-spot area for the control


ASPiK: Phaser ASPiK

RackAFX7: Phaser RAFX7

JUCE/iPlug: JUCE/iPlug Notes