FX Book Plug-In List

FX Book Plug-In List

Here is a list of the signal processing algorithms and plug-ins you will find in the FX book. Some of them are also turned into Plug-Ins while others are there for you to experiment with in your own designs.


  • Direct z-Plane Design
  • Single Pole Filters
  • Resonators
  • Generic Bi-Quad Designs
  • 1st Order LPF & HPF
  • 2nd Order LPF, HPF, BPF & BSF
  • 2nd Order Butterworth LPF, HPF, BPF & BSF
  • 2nd Order Linkwitz-Riley LPF & HPF
  • 1st Order & 2nd Order APF
  • Audio Specific Filters
  • 1st Order Shelving Filters
  • 2nd Order Parametric/Peaking Filter: Non Constant-Q
  • 2nd Order Parametric/Peaking Filter: Constant-Q
  • Cascaded Graphic EQ: Non Constant-Q
  • Cascaded Graphic EQ: Constant-Q
  • The Massberg Analog-Matched Low Pass Filter



  • The Digital Delay Line Module
  • Stereo Digital Delay Plug-In
  • Stereo Crossed Feedback Delay Plug-In
  • Delay with LPF in Feedback Loop
  • Multi-Tap Delay
  • Ping-Pong Delay
  • LCR Delay



  • Convolution Plug-In
  • Moving Average (MA) Interpolator
  • Lagrange Interpolator
  • Median Filter



  • Direct Form Oscillator
  • The Gordon-Smith Oscillator
  • Wave Table Oscillators
  • Band-Limited Additive Wave Table


Modulated Delays

  • Flanger/Vibrato/Chorus Plug-In
  • Stereo Quadrature Flanger Plug-In
  • Multi-Unit LCR Chorus Plug-In
  • Stereo Cross-Flanger/Chorus
  • Multi-Flanger
  • Bass Chorus
  • Dimension-Style Chorus
  • Deca-Chorus



  • Comb Filter Reverberator
  • Delaying Allpass Filter Reverberator
  • Schroeder’s Reverberator
  • The LPF-Comb Reverberator
  • Moorer’s Reverberator
  • Gardner’s Nested APF Reverberators
  • Modulated APF + Comb/APF Reverb
  • Dattorro’s Plate Reverb
  • Generalized Feedback Delay Network Reverbs
  • My Room Reverb Plug-In


Modulated Filters

  • Mod Filter Plug-In: Part I Modulated fc
  • Mod Filter Plug-In: Part II Modulated fc, Q
  • Mod Filter Plug-In: Part III Quad-Phase LFOs
  • Envelope Follower Plug-In
  • Phaser/Rotary Speaker Plug-In
  • Stereo Phaser with Quad-Phase LFOs


Dynamics Processing

  • Compressor/Limiter Plug-In
  • Downward Expander/Gate Plug-In
  • Look-Ahead Compressor Plug-In
  • Spectral Compressor/Expander Plug-In


Miscellaneous Plug-Ins

  • Tremolo/Panning Plug-In
  • Ring Modulator Plug-In
  • Wave Shaper Plug-In