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About Polyphony

Polyphony of the synth plug-ins is MOST dependent on your compiler build mode. In Debug mode (VS) or Development mode (XCode) you will only get 3-5 notes of polyphony. For full polyphony, compile in Release Mode (VS) or Product->Build For Running (XCode). You should now achieve 12-24 notes of polyphony or more depending on your processor speed and the synth type. DXSynth has the least processing and therefore most polyphony while VectorSynth and AniSynth are the most processor intensive. The book projects are written for intermediate-level programmers and are not optimized in any way. There is no “trick code” or other advanced coding. After you are comfortable with a project, you are encouraged to optimize the code and post your new versions on the Forum. You will also find optimizations that my students are working on in the Forum’s Synth Book section.

RackAFX and AU produce the most polyphony. We noticed a slight polyphony reduction in VST3. As a comparison, you are encouraged to build and test the “note expression synth” which comes with the SDK and compare it’s polyphony with the Synth Book projects.