RackAFX Release Notes

Release Notes for v6.6.4.0

Bug Fixes:

  • lookuptables.h missing problem from AU ported projects
  • CWaveData bug for some rare .WAV files
  • LED Meters in GUI Designer/plugin now render properly across all APIs
  • CEnvelopeDetector’s RMS detection was incorrect – now works properly
  • fixed two GUI Designer issues with dragging off the screen, and accidental selection of neighboring objects
  • fixed issue with Rebuild button with VS2013/2015; there appear to be multiple strains of these compilers that are slightly different

New GUI Designer Features:

  • advanced GUI API/Custom Controls
  • added Horizontal LED Meters (forward and reverse)
  • added Vertical and Horizontal Switch objects for Radio Buttons and Tab Controllers
  • added CView object for custom views
  • added UIViewSwitchContainer for tabbed-GUIs
  • added infinite number of Off Screen Views for designing your View Containers for the UIViewSwitchContainer, or just messing around with new ideas
  • you can now set the Knob Mode (linear/circular/relative circular/ask DAW) in the GUI Designer
  • you can now turn autosizing of control backgrounds (knob, slider, vu meter, buttons) on/off with the “Autosize Controls” checkbox
  • changed grid-snapping in GUI Designer so objects snap to top/left corner rather than mouse location
  • added visible grid overlay in GUI Designer
  • holding ESCAPE while dragging controls in GUI Designer not only disables Snap to Grid, but now shows the origin (top, left) and size (width, height) of the control for aligning sub-controls perfectly (this can be disabled by un-checking “Show ESC Coords”)
  • added mouse notifications for the Momentary Button; choices are mouse down only, mouse up only, and mouse up/down
  • added Fonts organizer
  • added Update button: this writes the current state of the GUI into the XML file (note: the XML file is automatically updated when you exit the GUI Designer
  • added Quit button: you can quit without saving changes if you accidentally delete stuff or things go bad
  • you can turn off Autosizing of knob, slider, vu meter, and button graphics if you use oddly shaped graphics or want to fine tune or play some tricks; a good example is using knob graphics with non-square background sizes – you would want to turn autosizing off in this case, however you must manually enter the image size
  • changed the LED meter graphics to use transparent background
  • fixed VSTGUI minor bug with LED meter drawing
  • fixed issue with one view container “capturing” another control/container making the captured object appear to vanish when you drop an object so that it overlaps with a View Container; now, a View Container will only accept a dragged/dropped item if the item completely fits inside the container.
  • removed Lock/Unlock VCs as no longer needed with new drop-logic

New RAFX Features:

  • ASIO Driver Support
  • DirectSound Driver Support
  • new Side-Chaining feature makes it easy to design side-chain compressors and other FX, which also port to VST and AU
  • supports both VST3.6.0 and VST3.6.5 SDKs (there is a slight differenceĀ in the MacOS projects in these SDKs)
  • you can use the spacebar to toggle wav file playing/stopping
  • in Edit Project you can set the Latency in Samples; this is then ported to VST2/3 and AU projects as their clients support latency queries
  • in Edit Project you can now set the “tail time” in milliseconds for reverb/delay and time varying effects; this is then ported to VST2/3 and AU projects as their clients supportĀ tail times
  • RAFX now also implements the tail-time paradigm for testing effects that require it
  • RAFX presets now show up in VST2/3 projects — presets have always worked in AU
  • VST2/3 for MacOS now requires just one click to build both VST2 and VST3 versions; no more editing of the project files
  • In RackAFX, the plugin now generates the RAFX GUI (via Sock2VST3 Library)
  • log and volt/octave controls now work properly in all VST2/3 and AU plugins
  • attack/release times on meter objects are adjustable and visibly consistent across RAFX/VST/AU
  • fixed getMyDLLDirectory() to work properly in MacOS projects (VST2/3 and AU)
  • you can now set VST and AU export folders to automatically shuttle your exported projects into the directory of your choosing


  • added click-to-track-curve when analyzing frequency/phase response; hold down the left button and move the mouse around to get exact values for magnitude, phase, and frequency
  • you can now turn off auto-normalization of the FFT data
  • cleaned up operation/graphs; the FFT plot no longer stays frozen on the last non-zero buffer

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