RackAFX Release Notes

Release Notes

Here you will find the details on the latest release of RackAFX.


New Features in v6.8


RackAFX Features

  • complete overhaul of RackAFX Main UI; use View -> RackAFX GUI Mode to select it
  • redesigned sidechain interface with ability to use Line-In as sidechain input
  • x64 Support: compile your RAFX DLL in 64 bit mode to operate natively as a VST2 or VST3 plugin in 64-bit clients. You only need to select “x64” from the Solutions Platform dropdown list in Visual Studio and rebuild the solution. The resulting x64 version of the DLL will be placed in the x64 sub-folder in your Project folder
  • major overhaul of the low level RackAFX API to ensure thread safety
  • overhauls of all derivative projects (Make AU, Make VST, Make AAX) and RAFX-DLL-as-VST-DLL to comply with the new API
  • added Automatic Parameter Smoothing for buttery-smooth GUI control changes


GUI Designer

  • addition of the new CSegmentButton control from VSTGUI4 allows you to make vertical and horizontal radio-button controls without the complicated graphics files that are needed for CVerticalSwitch and CHorizontalSwitch; the new control also appears in your VST/AU ports
  • ability to link a CTextLabel to a variable so that it updates as the underlying variable changes
  • you can now set the “precision” variable (number of significant digits) so that edit controls and linked text labels will show whatever precision you wish (the default has been 2 sig digits all a
  • added ability to set the Oscillator and Synth sample rates (previously they were fixed at 44.1kHz) see the Audio tab on the main UIRelease
  • added .c .cc .cxx .c++ .hpp files for Make VST/AU/AAX so you can port 3rd party libraries easily/automatically


Make VST — Make AU — Make AAX

  • Make AAX: now added for Native Pro-Tools AAX Development
  • Make AAX: sample accurate MIDI event handling
  • Make AAX: updated CGUIFrame to use proper instantiation
  • Make VST: sample accurate parameter/automation updates
  • Make VST: sample accurate MIDI event handling
  • Make VST: FX Plugins can now receive MIDI events for control
  • Make AU: sample accurate MIDI event handling
  • Make AU: can now choose FX or FX+MIDI for FX plugins
  • Make AU: now uses the latest Core Audio base class files.