Advanced Projects and Tutorials

Advanced Projects and Tutorials

This page includes tutorials and app notes that I have assembled along with sample projects to demonstrate the features. When I made the switch to RackAFX6, most of the older app notes became obsolete, but only from the code point of view. As time goes on, I will revamp the app notes that are relevant.

ASPiK AN 1.0: Internal Presets and GUI Manipulation by Will Pirkle

This app note shows you how to implement an internal preset storage and recall system that allows you to add more factory presets, or implement your own preset system because the DAW does not support VST3 presets yet. The app note comes with sample projects for both RackAFX and ASPiK. The original Stereo Delayer project is altered to include a preset system, and a “dirty” GUI status LED that turns on when the user moves a control so that it does not match the originally selected preset. In addition, this version of the stereo delayer moves the updateParameters function call so that the delay time control behaves more like an analog delay control during motion.

The Stereo Delayer with Preset selector and Status LED

AN 1.0 Documentation: AN10_PRESETS.pdf

RackAFX Project: StereoDelayerWithPresets

ASPik Project: StereoDelayerWithPresets