Download RackAFX7

Download RackAFX7

RackAFX7 runs on Win7, Win8, and Win10. It has been tested with Parallels, Virtual Box and Boot Camp on MacOS with no issues or problems, however Parallels provides the cleanest and most robust solution, allowing you to export ASPiK projects directly to your MacOS SDKs.

In addition to RackAFX, you will also need:
– Visual Studio 2015, 2017 or 2019
– a Windows compliant sound adapter; native ASIO drivers are preferred
– VS2015 Redistributables may need to be installed on your computer (see below – not usually required)
– CMake installed for exporting projects a AAX, AU and VST
– MacOS 10.12 or higher and XCode 8.x or higher (for MacOS exported projects)


RackAFX7 installs to a completely separate folder on your computer, so if you already have a previous version of RackAFX installed, you can still keep all your projects and settings. Just make sure you setup a separate folder for your RackAFX7 plugin projects and there will be zero interference from the new version.

Current Release: v7.0.3.5

RackAFX7 Installer: RAFX v7.0.3.5 Installer

  • VST SDK: 3.7.2 (current and latest release)
  • AAX SDK: 2p3p2
  • AU SDK: Version 2.0, 2016-02-19

NOTE: this updates VSTGUI4 to version 4.10 which made some significant changes to the code, and to the RackAFX project files.

MIGRATING RackAFX PROJECTS Pre- see the PDF file here to understand how to update RackAFX’s VSTGUI4 library and to migrate or update existing projects to the latest version: RackAFX7031Update.pdf

MIGRATING ASPiK PROJECTS Pre-1.6.8: if you used RackAFX to create ASPiK exported projects and you want to migrate these as well (after being exported), first download the latest ASPiK version here:

Then, follow the guide to migrate your projects safely (it is not difficult): ASPiK168Migration.pdf


You will need to install CMake on your Windows and MacOS partitions to export your plugin projects as AAX, AU and VST. You can get CMake here:

You can read about why I’ve adopted CMake as well as the instruction for using it in the technical notes here:

Technical Note 8A: Introduction to CMake

Technical Note 8B: Exporting Projects

Technical Note 8C: Using CMake

Preparing Visual Studio:

The v6.8+ releases of RackAFX fixes an issue that came up when Microsoft changed some shortcuts in Visual Studio 2013. To setup your version of Visual Studio to receive the remote Rebuild command from RackAFX follow the easy instructions here:

Setting up Visual Studio for Remote Rebuilding

This is the simplest way to use RackAFX + Visual Studio as the Rebuild command will also automatically unload your DLL, preventing compiler errors that the DLL can’t be written.


VS2019 works perfectly with RackAFX7. When you create a new project, Visual Studio will ask to retarget the solution to your current Windows SDK. Always choose YES for this so that the project will be initialized to use the libraries installed on your system and for your OS.


Microsoft have confirmed a bug in Visual Studio 2017 that I reported which involves using VS2017 on a computer that does not have VS2015 installed on it (or had VS2015 installed and then removed). When opening an older VS project, you get a message that states that the Target OS and ToolSet will be upgraded; after the upgrade, the Target OS will still be incorrectly set to Win8.1 – without the VS1015 installation files, this project will not compile. The same is true of book projects and new RackAFX projects which have no Target OS setting; instead of setting the new Target OS to Win10.0, it defaults back to Win8.1 and creates the same problem. Microsoft asks that we remain patient while they fix this… but in the meantime, you can work around the bug by manually retargeting old and new projects alike; in the Solution Explorer, right-click on the Solution and choose Retarget SDK Version, then choose 10.0.xxxx.y (there may be multiple versions – if so, choose the latest version).

VS2015 Redistrubutables:

Please be sure to install your Visual Studio compiler prior to trying to install the redistributables here. Many will find that installing Visual Studio will automatically add the correct redistributable files.

If you do NOT have VS2015 installed on your computer, you MAY need to install the VS2015 redistributables (RAFX is now compiled with VS2015). For 32-bit systems, only install the 32-bit redistributables; for 64-bit, install both redistributables. Also, you should manually restart your computer after installing the redistributables. In testing, many of my students running Win10 and VS2019 did NOT need to install anything other than RackAFX7. You can always un-install the redisributatables if you like, and they won’t harm your system.

32-bit: 32-bit Redistributables

64-bit: 64-bit Redistributables