You may download my materials, free software, book addendums, and app-notes with no registration required!


The original rapid audio algorithm development platform for quickly designing and testing your C++ objects and ideas. Export to ASPiK or transfer your objects into any plugin framework easily; no dependence on 3rd party libraries.

Download RackAFX7


SynthLab is a C++ synth development SDK born out of years of teaching this topic to music technology students at the university level. Includes the SynthLab-DM fully compiled synth projects.

Download SynthLab

FX Projects

Each FX project has its own page. Download them from the FX Projects menu.

Moog Ladder Filter Addendum

I added an addendum for a bi-quad implementation of the Moog Ladder Filter. This is an entirely separate project from the SynthLab virtual filters and demonstrates that bi-quads may be used in delay-free loops.

Download Moog Filter Addendum

Vacuum Tube Addendum

The FX book did not have enough room for this massive chapter, detailing both vacuum tube circuit design and emulation, as well as solid state distortion and a 3-band tone-stack using simple bi-quads.

Download Vacuum Tube Addendum

Legacy RackAFX6

The original 1st edition FX books are still floating around and sold on eBay. These require the original RackAFX v6 software and accompanying book projects.

Download RackAFX6 Legacy