Novel Hybrid VA Filters

AN-10: Novel Hybrid VA Filters: AES Paper 9195

by Will Pirkle

This brief App Note accompanies the Novel Hybrid Filters project. This is based on two papers I recently delivered at the 137th AES Convention in Los Angeles, 2014. All of the theoretical detail can be found in these papers so it is not replicated in the App Note. You can get the papers here:

Resolving Delay Free Loops: Modified Harma Method
Novel Hybrid Filters

The project files below go with the second paper, but it references the first paper so you may want to get both. If you have my Synth Book, the Modified Harma Method is covered in detail.

Also, see the short You Tube Video before using the project as it shows some details you need to understand about the project. Below are some plots of the unique 2nd order doubly-resonant lowpass filter which is one of the novel filters in the paper.



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