StompAFX – All Analog Audio Circuits

Analog circuit design and theory, including online classes, projects and more! Did you know that Will Pirkle worked as an analog engineer for National Semiconductor and wrote audio app notes, designed mixed signal test system hardware and LTX software before moving to Korg Research and Development?

In addition, I also teach two classes in analog audio circuit design and theory at the University of Miami in the Music Engineering Technology department.

After many emails and requests, I’ve decided to put together some online  classes, workshops and boot-camps that are designed to allow musicians, producers, and audio engineers to advance their knowledge into an area that is being forgotten in some graduate schools. This includes vacuum tube, FET and BJT design along with audio FX circuits like distortion, EQ and others – including the elusive “analog delay and chorus” circuits using the original BBD IC devices. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new website and audio technology information.