Design & Analysis Tools

Integrated Audio Design and Analysis Tools!

Probe your plugin with unique measurement tools that operate in realtime as you change the plugin controls. A hi-resolution spectrum analyzer and full featured oscilloscope are included for further analysis. A built-in FIR Designer and Impulse Convolver allow you to create complex FIR designs  using the Optimal (Parks/McClellan) and Frequency Sampling Methods as well as import/export impulse responses you can convolve in realtime.

Check out these videos showing the Analyzer and FIR Designer tools:

The Analyzer/Scope Window in RackAFX

This shows the features of the Analyzer/Scope including using it to take the impulse response of your Plug-Ins.


Impuse Convolver & FIR Filter Designer Plug-Ins in RackAFX

This demos the Impuse Convolver and FIR Filter Design Plug-Ins – the FIR Designer a Filter Design tool and a Plug-In at the same time using the Optimal and Frequency Sampling Methods to design FIR Filters. The Impulse Convolver allows you to convolve Impulse Responses from your IR1024 folder.