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RackAFX runs on Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, and Win10. It has been tested with Parallels, Virtual Box and Boot Camp on MacOS with no issues or problems. In addition to RackAFX, you will also need:
– Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015, or 2017
– a Windows compliant sound adapter; native ASIO drivers are preferred
– VS2015 Redistributables Installed on your computer (see below)


Current Release: v6.8.1.7

RackAFX Installer: RAFX v6.8.1.7 Installer

Preparing Visual Studio:

The v6.8 release of RackAFX fixes an issue that came up when Microsoft changed some shortcuts in Visual Studio 2013. To setup your version of Visual Studio to receive the remote Rebuild command from RackAFX follow the easy instructions here:
Setting up Visual Studio for Remote Rebuilding
This is the simplest way to use RackAFX + Visual Studio as the Rebuild command will also automatically unload your DLL, preventing compiler errors that the DLL can’t be written.

Release Notes v6.8.1.7:
– Fixed right-click bug in GUI for VST, AU & AAX
– Fixed VST2 GUI resize issue that affected Cubase 8
– [Make AAX]: updated for SDK 2p2p2, required for see the Forum for notes on changes Avid made to the 2p2p2 SDK



If you are planning on using the Make VST functionality, you will need the VST3 SDK version 3.6.6 or 3.6.7 to work properly with RackAFX You choose the SDK when you use the Make VST function. Due to changes the developers made in Version 3.6.7, you are now required to prepare the SDK for use. I’ve created an easy way to do this with instructions available at Please note that this additional step is not due to RackAFX, but to changes made at Steinberg and affects anyone using the SDK. Other changes also break the 3.6.6 projects due to the developer’s deletion of several VST3 objects needed for Presets (don’t worry, Make VST for 3.6.7 includes the necessary changes for Preset support). If you have projects in 3.6.6, you may wish to keep this SDK intact for those projects.

Future versions of RackAFX will discontinue support for out of date VST3 SDKs, so you will eventually need to upgrade to the latest version. Steinberg has removed the 3.6.6 SDK from the developer portal, but for the time being you can get it here:

The newest SDK v3.6.7 is available here:


For RackAFX v6.6.4.1 Users:

Backup all old RackAFX projects prior to using v6.8; due to the new underlying RackAFX API thread safety changes, project folders/files will *NOT* be backward compatible. You will need your backed up projects if you want to revert to v6.6.4.1


VS2015 Redistrubutables:

If you do NOT have VS2015 installed on your computer, you need to install the VS2015 redistributables (RAFX is now compiled with VS2015). For 32-bit systems, only install the 32-bit redistributables; for 64-bit, install both redistributables. Also, you should manually restart your computer after installing the redistributables.

32-bit: 32-bit Redistributables

64-bit: 64-bit Redistributables


Release Notes

v6.8 Release Notes


Previous RackAFX Release Version: (old main UI graphics)

RackAFX Installer: RAFX v6.6.4.1 Installer


Visual Studio

To use RackAFX, you will need a Visual Studio compiler. The Express Compilers are free and are all you need. Unless you want to design your own GUI and know how to use resource files, there is no benefit to having the full version. We are currently using Visual Studio 2015 Community without problems.

VS 2012
VS 2013
VS 2015

RackAFX does not work with “Visual Studio 2012 for Windows 8” because this version is only for making Windows8 Apps. You need the VS2012 Desktop version to get the proper C++ compiler and libraries.

Download Here: Visual Studio 2015 Community