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RackAFX v6.6.4.1

RackAFX runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, and Win10.

Latest Release Version

The newest RackAFX Version is (12/12/15) Before installing any new version of software it is prudent to make a backup copy of all projects.


Read the Release Notes here:

v6.6.4.0 Release Notes

32-Bit Operating Systems
If you are not using VisualStudio 2008 and you are installing for the first time please also download and install the VS2008 C++ Redistributable x86 (it’s easy, quick and free). If you are going to use VS2008 then you don’t need the Redistributable as it will be installed automatically by VS2008.


64-Bit Operating Systems
If you are installing for the first time please also download and install the VS2008 C++ Redistributable x64 (it’s easy, quick and free). You still need this, even if you are planning on using VS2008.
If you are using Win7, Win8 or Win10 64-bit, you need to install BOTH the x86 and x64 re-distributables. This is because the newer Visual Studio compilers no longer install some of the required files. If you get the side-by-side configuration error the first time you run RackAFX, it means you did not install both re-distributables.


Previous RackAFX Release Version (Pre-GUI Designer)
The previous RackAFX Version is 6.5.16 (3/17/14)


Visual Studio

To use RackAFX, you will need a Visual Studio compiler. The Express Compilers are free and are all you need. Unless you want to design your own GUI and know how to use resource files, there is no benefit to having the full version. As of 9/1/12, Microsoft is currently no longer supporting Visual Studio Express 2008, but the deep link below still works. RackAFX Currently works with:

VS 2008
VS 2010
VS 2012
VS 2013
VS 2015

RackAFX does not work with “Visual Studio 2012 for Windows 8” because this version is only for making Windows8 Apps. You need the VS2012 Desktop version to get the proper C++ compiler and libraries.

Here are links to the free Visual Studio Express/Community compilers which work fine with RackAFX:

Note: VS2010 Express users will need VS2010 SP1.

Make sure to install the latest version with service packs for whatever VS compiler you choose.


Visual Studio Express 2008


Visual Studio Express 2010


Visual Studio Express 2012 Desktop

VS2012 Update2


Visual Studio Express 2013 Desktop


Visual Studio 2015 Community

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