The original Rapid Audio Algorithm Development tool for designing and testing audio algorithms in C++ in real-time.

New RackAFX7 Prototyping UI

The RackAFX7 prototyping panel is where you setup your prototyping interface in a matter of minutes compared to hours if you try to use a plugin API or framework (other than ASPiK!). It now includes a set of about 1500 control slots, scrollable by rows or by banks of 80. Each slot can hold a single control of the following types:

  • Continuous knob control (float and double)
  • Integer knob-switch control
  • String List knob-switch control
  • Option Menu (drop-list) of strings
  • Small 4-button radio-button bank
  • On/Off and Momentary switches
  • Analog VU meter
  • Digital VU meter
  • more controls to come in the future!


The RAFX2 API takes the product full circle, generating ultra lean and clean audio processing projects that you can use to design and develop your own C++ audio signal processing objects. You can also design a custom GUI for demonstrations – this is ideal for the university classroom or lab environment where realtime audio signal processing is being taught.

ASPiK Export

If you want to take your RAFX2 project to the next level, you can export just the ASPiK kernel and create ASPiK plugins in AAX, AU and VST3 flavors. RAFX2 and ASPiK were developed independently and are separate, isolated products.

Integrated Audio Design and Analysis Tools!

Probe your plugin with unique measurement tools that operate in realtime as you change the plugin controls. A hi-resolution spectrum analyzer and full featured oscilloscope are included for further analysis. A built-in FIR Designer and Impulse Convolver allow you to create complex FIR designs  using the Optimal (Parks/McClellan) and Frequency Sampling Methods as well as import/export impulse responses you can convolve in realtime.

The Analyzer/Scope Window in RackAFX

A built in Analyzer/Scope allows you to take measurements in realtime from your signal processing code. The spectrum analyzer has a resolution up to 131,072 points and you can export captured data into files in C++ or MATLAB array format. You can also save impulse response measurement data taken directly from your plugin in .WAV files or as C++ arrays.


Impuse Convolver & FIR Filter Designer

The Impulse Convolver lets you load impulse responses and audition them in real-time, including the ability to easily morph across any number of IRs smoothly, hearing the results in realtime as the convolutions occur.

The FIR Filter Designer plugin allows you to create Optimal and Frequency Sampling Method FIR filters, and of course you may listen to them in realtime, including changing the FIR parameters.

Beautiful GUIs with Drag & Drop Simplicity!

The integrated drag-and-drop GUI Designer allows you to create professional, platform-independent GUIs that are part of both your ASPiK core as well as your plugin code – you own and control all of it. Tabbed windows, layered view containers, and user templates make GUI design a snap.

Here are some example GUIs made with RackAFX – see the GUI Gallery for more GUI examples: