App Notes

App Notes are documents that introduce signal processing and/or plug-in programming concepts; they are kind of like addendums to my book. Each App Note consists of a document and a sample RackAFX Plug-In Project. The two are intended to be used together for the study and understanding of a concept. On this page, the app note authors include myself, my students, and any contributions from RackAFX users. You can find more App Notes on the Bonus App Note page.


App Note Index:

AN-1: Multi-Rate Processing and Polyphase Filtering with Plug-In Example

AN-2: Threading an FFT for Parallel Processing in a Plug-In

AN-3: An Adaptive Filtering Plug-In using the FFT

AN-4: Virtual Analog (VA) Filter Implementation and Comparisons

AN-5: Virtual Analog (VA) Korg35 Lowpass Filter

AN-6: Virtual Analog (VA) Diode Ladder Filter

AN-7: Virtual Analog (VA) Korg35 Highpass Filter

AN-8: Virtual Analog (VA) Moog Half-Ladder Filter

AN-9: Rotary Speaker Modeling Plug-In

AN-10: Novel Hybrid Filters

AN-11: Phase Distortion Synthesis

AN-12: Easy FFT Processing without Multi-Threading

AN-13: Fast Convolution with FFTW