The original Audio Algorithm Development and Sandbox for designing and testing audio algorithms in C++ in real-time. You can even export your algorithms as ASPiK projects and continue development in your favorite OS and DAW. The RackAFX prototyping panel is where you setup your prototyping interface in a matter of minutes compared to hours if you try to use a plugin API or framework (other than ASPiK!). It now includes a set of 1044 control slots, scrollable by rows or by banks of 80. Each slot can hold a single control (knob, VU meter, button, etc…).  


SynthLab(TM) is the name of the open-source C++ library of software synth components that is documented in my 2nd Edition Synth Plugin book. It contains six complete software synths, dozens of synth plugin development C++ objects from the tiny SynthClock to the massive SynthEngine and including multiple synth oscillators, virtual analog filters, wave sequencer, and scores of synth plugin functions. It includes all of the details from the synth book examples and has plenty of material for anyone interested in software synth design.

ASPiK Plugins

Open-Source AAX, AU and VST3 Plugin Development The Audio Specific PlugIn Kernel (ASPiK) was designed with only one thing in mind: seamless integration into AAX, AU and VST3 with the ability to easily include new APIs as they become available. ASPiK is an independent product with its own website, API and documentation, and is open source. ASPiK plugin projects include a built-in drag and drop GUI designer for professional GUIs with zero coding involved. In addition, RackAFX7 projects using the ASPiK core are easily exported into AAX, AU, VST3 or Universal (all three at once) compiler projects – yes, you can have a single compiler project that includes multiple plugin targets from multiple APIs, all using the same ASPiK core.

willpirkle online

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